Building on what we do well

Camlin has achieved accreditation year on year since 2017 in the NHVR Modules of Maintenance and Mass Management. Operation at CML and HML is undertaken seamlessly across all combinations, with sophisticated internal systems and protocols ensuring compliance.

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Specialist Cryogenic Transportation of DG

The acquisition of a 2020 Model Holmwood Highgate Triaxle Bitumen Primer Mover has paved Camlin’s way into Bituminous transport. Our company name is synonymous with reliability and trustworthiness and the purchase of a specially insulated road tanker provides the ideal solution for the transportation of bulk bitumen over long distances.

Bitumen is used in road construction due to its versatility and other unique advantages over other materials. It acts as a binding material in asphalt, predominately utilised in road construction and waterproofing due to its strongly-adhesive tendencies.

Camlin’s impeccable track record of the safe transport and transfer of DG gives us the platform to provide hot bitumen to our customers. Through the use of specialised equipment, highly skilled operators and proven risk management practices we have the capability to forge a pathway into this new market.

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