NHVR Accredited

Camlin is enrolled in both the Mass and Maintenance Modules of the NHVR Accreditation Scheme. Established maintenance protocol ensures ongoing compliance in these areas, and coupled with 30+ years of experience transporting Dangerous Goods, Camlin is the perfectly positioned to lead the industry.

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Specialist Cryogenic Transportation of DG

Camlin's main operation is the transportation and delivery of cryogenic gases such as Argon, Oxygen, CO2, Nitrogen, Hydrogen & Helium across Australia and New Zealand.

From the Tamworth depot, transport logistics are co-ordinated by an experienced team, knowledgeable in Chain of Responsibility Legislation. All employees are extensively inducted into Camlin's Policies in COR, Load Restraint, Fatigue Management, NHVR Mass & Maintenance Management. Our drivers are amongst the best in the business. The Camlin team of management, administration and drivers are committed to providing a safe working environment for all staff, clients and the community they interact with, on a daily basis, on the road.

Our investment into a well specified late model, GPS tracked Kenworth fleet, with a diverse range of trailers, gives Camlin the equipment and license to transport specialised units such as a 40ft Helium Isotainer, which comes with a $1 Million price tag.

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