Performance Based Standards (PBS)

Building on NHVAS Mass and Maintenance Accreditation, Camlin has embraced the PBS and installation of Smart OBM on all fleet allows flexibility across all Vehicle Approvals – ensuring we are set for PBS – no matter the combination, from A Double to Quad Axle Tankers; and no matter the mass scheme – from HML to QML.

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Specialist Cryogenic Transportation of DG

With a 30+ year history, Camlin is a leader in the transportation and delivery of cryogenic gases including Argon, Oxygen, CO2, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Helium across Australia.

Camlin’s fleet network is located in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. From the Tamworth depot, transport logistics are coordinated by an experienced team, with Chain of Responsibility Legislation setting the foundation of all our Operations. The Finance and Administrative Head Office is based in Sydney and all employees are extensively inducted into Camlin's Policies in COR, Load Restraint, Fatigue Management, WHS & Risk Management, NHVAS Mass & Maintenance Management.

Our team are the best in the business - working together, we are committed to providing a safe and professional environment for our employees, clients and the community we interact with on a daily basis - on and off the road.

Our fleet is comprised of well specified, late model, GPS tracked Kenworth Prime Movers, rated up to 130T and operate in the following combinations: Single Tanker / Isotainers / H2 Skids, B Double Tankers / Isotainers / Cylinder Trailers, Type 1 & 2 Road Trains and A Doubles. With over 50 pieces of Trailing equipment, Camlin has a platform to couple combinations, as the job requires and the NHVR allows. Comprising Drop Deck and Flat Top Skels, Convertor Dollies and Extendables, our trailer fleet gives Camlin the versatility to create combinations our clients demand, and ensures we deliver on our Mission, which is to “get the job done - safely, efficiently and on time.

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