WHS Commitment

Safety is paramount in all workplaces. Challenges of the Transport Industry, specifically in Heavy Vehicles carrying Dangerous Goods mean Camlin must remain ahead of the game. A thorough, annual external audit of all WHS practices within the business are conducted through CM3.

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Safety and Compliance

As a CM3 qualified contractor, Camlin’s health and safety management capability is underpinned with a robust training and induction framework, encompassing detailed initial training requirements, cemented with ongoing competency assessments and Policy and SOP review. WHS Policy stretches further than the training and assessment of knowledge and skill – our fleet are fully equipped with the tools to ensure the safety of our team. GPS tracking, forward facing cameras and brake alarms are some of the additional safety features of our fleet. Procedural review of Operating Limits, Vehicle Speed and Braking Habits, as well as introduction of Driving Policy enforcing all drivers are off the road after 10pm, have ensured our impeccable safety record year on year.

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