Technology Leads the Way

Camlin has future proofed their operations with ongoing development of a customised iPad-based reporting system, which provides digital real time information from its employees out on the road. Multiple software solutions are employed to manage Risk Management, Driver Operating Limits, Fleet Maintenance and Performance.

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Business Intelligence

Technology has enabled Camlin to deliver vast improvements in reporting customer essentials, managing driver requirements, facilitating information exchange with employees and ensuring business efficiency, all by utilising a customised collective of online forms. Drivers have immediate access to updated policy, improved procedures and safety alerts. Camlin was one of the first companies enrolled into NHVR Mass and Maintenance Management modules using technology to meet all business standards under the accreditation.

Camlin ensures that all new and existing employees receive adequate and thorough training for their position. Utilising our technology platforms, detailed training resources are dispatched via iPad technology for education, sign-off and accurate record capture. Online learning is embraced across our business for COR Inductions, Probation Period tracking, Employee Competency and Annual Reviews as well as ongoing training and employee development. For more information on our Training Strategy, please refer to our Employment Section.

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